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Daily Tattoo Skincare.

Keep tattoos bold and bright thanks to daily tattoo care.  #staycolorbright 

Tattoo lotions and moisturisers are the best way to keep your tattoos bright and bold. Our line of natural and vegan tattoo daily care products is designed to revive colors and enhance appearance of old tattoos.

And if you want to keep your new tattoos bright and bold start every day tattoo care right after healing.

You can’t stop the tattoo fading process but ink enhancing ingredients of our tattoo lotions and moisturisers will help to slow down the tattoo fading process.

Sustainably sourced butters, oils and fruit extracts nourish your tattooed skin in the most natural and gentle way.

Without nasty chemicals, parabens, allergens, petrolatum and paraffin, mineral oils and artificial colorants. Our tattoo creams are suitable for all skin types, even most sensitive skin.

Tattoo products full of safe, natural ingredients that will leave your tattoos more vibrant than ever.

We use only 100% recyclable, BIO plastic tubes and bottles.

Protect your ink, slow down the fading process and keep your tattoos bright and bold.