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Vegan and Natural Ingredients

Natural Extracts

Vegan and natural ingredients. We use all the good stuff that nature has to offer. Fruit extracts, natural oils and butters with proven efficacy and solid scientific data to ensure your tattooed and non tattooed skin looks amazing in the most natural way. 

Most our ingredients have ECOCERT certificates and are from organic farming whenever possible because we believe in green, not greenwashed ingredients. 

Innovativation & Science

We combine nature and science to extract natural substances that protect your tattooed skin without harming the planet.

Always transparent about the ingredients we use in our products and we are confident that they are as green as can be. 

Search for us or our ingredients in apps like YUKA, INCI Beauty and Think Dirty or do a deep dive on portals like INCI decoder or EWG Skin Deep to see for yourself.

Cruelty Free and Vegan

Our products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. You will not find ingredients of animal origin in our products. We use botanical estracts only. Our suppliers are also cruelty free and all natural ingredients in our tattoo care are ethically sourced. 

We say bit NO to animal testing because we are not psychopaths that are fine with letting our furry friends suffer.

In fact, our tattoo skincare helps fight animal cruelty.

Sustainable Packaging

To us sustainability is more than choosing the right natural ingredients. It is about how these substances are sourced, processed and eventually packaged.

The impact our products have on the health of your body, on people who make them and on our planet in general. 

We make sure our packaging is sustainable and 100% recyclable. We use bio-plastics that comes from sugar production or post recycled materials. 

Learn about the ways our tattoo products reduce CO2 emissions

Want know more about how our products help save animals and provide clean drinking water to people in need? Click here