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About Us

We are The Color Bright

We help tattoo lovers just like you #staycolorbright without harming the planet. It’s time to build a community of tattoo lovers who care.

Tattoos bring so much joy and color not just to yourself, but to society as a whole. Your tattoo of Bart Simpson has brought smiles to so many faces? Palm tree tattoo takes everyone away to their favorite holiday destination? Portrait of your grandpa reminds your whole family of how amazing he was?

Skincare from The Color Bright helps spread this joy and color even further.

We want you to LOOK amazing of course, but we want you to FEEL even better knowing that your tattoo and skincare routine helps people, animals, and the world around you.


With The Color Bright, you can help people and animals as part of your everyday self-care routine.

Every time you purchase a tattoo skincare product from us you help to put an end to animal cruelty or provide clean water to those in need.We are committed to creating a stronger circular economy within the tattoo cosmetic market.

Our packaging is made using sugar cane bio-plastics or post recycled rasin and is always 100% recyclable.

Meet the Founder

Meet our Founder

The Color Bright became a bullshit free, vegan, natural cosmetic brand designed for people who care. Care about their own health, the health of their skin, and the health of the planet.

If you have somehow found your way here, then you are probably one of these people.

Hello and Welcome!

Join us and #staycolorbright

Small actions – Big difference