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Tattoo aftercare and healing.

Tattoo healing was never this fast, safe and easy!

Why should you take care of your new tattoos naturally? 

Tattoo healing process requires appropriate tattoo aftercare products, no matter if it is your first tattoo or you are a tattoo collector. 

The Color Bright offers researched and proven natural ingredients that will help shorten tattoo healing time and avoid tattoo healing complications such as infections, itchy bumps or scars. Our natural tattoo healing products reduce inflammation and soothe tattoo itching so common during the last tattoo healing phase. 

We believe in natural ingredients but we back it up with science to create the best tattoo aftercare products for tattoo healing and tattoo care.

You will not find animal sourced ingredients, petroleum derivatives or old fashioned nappy rash cream ingredients, only the best tattoo creams for tattoo care and healing.

The Color Bright tattoo aftercare gel is a perfect alternative for traditional tattoo aftercare products.

But tattoo care does not end on healing process, if you want to keep the colors of tattoos bright and intense.

Our Super Fruit Tattoo Food Tattoo Revival Cream is the best cream for healed tattoos, a powerful tattoo moisturiser that combines super fruit extracts with coconut oil and shea butter to prevent tattoo fading and make your tattoos stand out.